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Issued: 17/04/2014

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Edinburgh 3D Film Festival is the UK’s first 3D focussed film festival, featuring screenings of classic 3D films and creative 3D shorts from around the world. The festival running from the 5th to 10th May 2014 will include presentations and opportunities to discuss their work with several visiting 3D film directors whose films are screening at the week-long celebration of stereo 3D film. Alongside this the University of Edinburgh is running a one day symposium entitled “Life in 3D”, that brings together otherwise independent practitioners and academics currently working on 3D from technological and creative perspectives.

The festival launches on the 5th of May with a rare 3D screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Dial M for Murder” which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Originally filmed in 3D in 1954, the film came at the tail end of the early 3D boom and at the time only received a limited 3D release in the US, in the UK this was a 2D only release. The film was remastered last year and received a limited 3D UK release in 2013.

Other feature films screening are kids classic “Coraline” and the Oscar nominated dance film “Pina” from German director Wim Wenders. In addition two selections of short 3D films are scheduled, one focussed on animated films and another on live action. The majority of short films screening have already won a range of awards in events across Europe, US and the Far East. Films screening similarly have diverse origins coming as they do from as far and wide as Japan, USA, Europe, Australia and of course the UK.

Rocio von Jungenfeld, Festival Director says “We are pleased to have had the opportunity to create a unique film event for Scotland and look forward to sharing the film maker’s creative visions with a wider audience. There are a great number of talented filmmakers around the world, creating some of the most visually arresting films using 3D technologies and it is our aim to share some of this with not just fans of 3D but for anyone who is interested in film as an art form.”

Andrew Murchie, Film Festival Co-ordinator and Scottish based 3D film director says: “It’s great to finally bring such an amazing selection of truly world class 3D films to the UK and to finally have the opportunity to share one of my films as it was meant to be seen in digital stereo 3D. Where better then to have the festival than Edinburgh with its strong historic associations to stereoscopic 3D imagery? It was right here in Edinburgh that David Brewster was heavily involved in the development of the stereoscope in the 1820’s which was widely used to view 3D images in Victorian times; the stereoscope was pretty much the TV of its day. I’m sure Mr Brewster would be astonished if he saw the 3D systems of today and the amazing 3D imagery that filmmakers are creating.”

The Edinburgh 3D Film Festivals runs at The Filmhouse in Edinburgh from 5th May to 10th May 2014.

The official festival website can be visited for more info at and an active Facebook group exists at

Notes to editors

1. For more information contact
2. The Edinburgh 3D Film Festival is organised by Edinburgh University’s “Life in 3D” Symposium Team and Edinburgh 3D specialist production facility Enhanced Dimensions
3. Logo and a selection of still images from films on this page may be used for publication.


Edinburgh 3D Film Festival