Ztring Theory

Ztring Theory – 4.55min  -  Music Video  -  2009 (Norway)

Inspired by a work of renowned animator NormaMcLaren and the C64 /Amiga demoscene-aestethics, “Ztring Theory” is an audiovisual
exploration into the realm of the z-axis, synaesthesia and the
quantumscaled world of string-theory itself. The short film was produced in 2009.

Karl Bryhn and Jo Eldøen Bios

Karl Bryhn and Jo Eldøen have known each other since childhood.
Together we started ChipToons as a thinktank and art-label for our
personal projects. We have both been stereoscopic enthusiasts for quite some time and so naturally ChipToons is primarily geared towards stereoscopic projects.




Edinburgh 3D Film Festival