Virtuoso Virtuell

Virtuoso Virtuell - 7.33 min  –  2013 (Germany)

Abstract ink drawings seem to come out of nowhere. Following a secret choreography, they take on characteristics and moods of the music and narrate a story that appears to be laid out in the music. The interplay of timid encounters and dynamic pursuits, the agile
lightness and confrontation, awakens a multitude of associations e.g.
of birds, plants or the under-water world, which in turn stimulates
many different emotional impressions.

Thomas Stellmach and Maja Oschmann Bios

Thomas Stellmach (*1965 in Straubing, Germany) is animation director, producer, author and animator. Amongst many international awards for his independent productions, he received in 1997 the Academy award (Oscar®) for the stop-motion film QUEST. He studied animation at the Kassel Academy of Arts.

Maja Oschmann (*1975 in Kassel, Germany) is an artist and drawer. She studied at the Kassel Academy of Arts, was awarded the Otto-Braun scholarship, and sold her works at the Artothek Art Collection Kassel. She has focused her analysis on the relationship between drawing and music, founded a private school of drawing and gives lessons at the Academy. VIRTUOS VIRTUELL is her first film.



Edinburgh 3D Film Festival