Spirits of The Piano

Spirits of The Piano - 3.25 min  –  2011 (Poland)

set to Opus 25. No. 4

Weird and wonderful spirits bring the flying machine, which has crashed on the cliffs, back to life.

3-D puppet animation. Weird and wonderful spirits bring the flying machine, which has crashed on the cliffs, back to life. The magical creatures appeal to young children and the fabulous stop-motion animation appeals to artists and lovers of animation. With its Kronenberg overtones it also catches the eye of sci-fi lovers and teenagers.

Part of “The World of Flying Machine” – unique 3D animation collection, each set to one Chopin’s Etude performed by world famous Lang Lang.

Director’s Bio

Magdalena Osinska graduated from the National Polish Film School in Lodz in 2008 with a film “Joyets” (“Radostki”). In 2010 Magdalena has done MA course at NFTS on Animation Direction, graduating with a film “Zbigniev’s Cupboard”. Both films won numerous awards. After graduating from NFTS Magdalena has finished a pilot for a television series “Joyets” with the Illuminated Film Company and “Spirits of the piano” produced by Breakthru Films. “Spirits of the piano” is a part of the feature film The Flying Machine. It is a 3d stereoscopic puppet animation. “Spirits of the piano” received so far Best of the Fest 3D Shorts at the Hollywood 3DFF festival and was long-listed for the Academy Award. Magdalena has been working in Aardman Animations on “The Itch of the Golden nit” and “The Pirates! In Adventure with Scientists”.




Edinburgh 3D Film Festival