Simple Carnival

Simple Carnival - 3.57 min  -  Music Video  -  2013 (USA)

“The Simple Carnival - A Geek Like Me” is a music video created with
pencil on paper (4,418 sheets). It took approximately a year to make,
from storyboards to final cut. It won the Ray Zone Award for
Excellence in 3-DIY at the 10th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival.

Jeff Boller Bio

Jeff Boller is an award-winning American filmmaker and musician. He founded the Pittsburgh-based power pop outfit The Simple Carnival (, has had a critically acclaimed album (Girls Aliens Food) land on a number of year-end “best of” lists, and has recently been attracting attention with his handmade animated 3D music videos. Boller is a multi-instrumentalist and is known for playing most or all of the instruments on his recordings.



Edinburgh 3D Film Festival