Lapse of Time


Lapse of Time - 15 min  -  Drama  -  2013 (France)

On a winter afternoon, in the course of a hide and seek game, a kid finds shelter in the most unlikely of places : the huge astronomically-tuned clock of the city’s cathedral! Sneaking his way through, he accidentally gets his jacket stuck into the mechanism blocking the entire system… and of time itself!

Years later, in the wake of this experience, the kid is now an established clockworker spending his life trying to bring back to life watches and clocks of all sorts.

Until one day when he realizes time is actually slowing down…

Celine Tricart Bio

Celine Tricart is an independent filmmaker and stereographer who is particularly interested in storytelling for stereoscopic cinema. She has already directed several shorts, three of which were shot in 3D, and received many awards around the world. Since 2008 when she graduated from the famous ENS Louis Lumiere film school in Paris, she was the stereographer of more than 20 live broadcast, commercials and documentaries, and of the first French 3D feature film “Behind the Walls” from directors J. Lacombe and P. Sid (Sombrero Productions- 2010).

She has been in charge of many 3D trainings and is often asked to join international high-end conferences as a speaker and 3D specialist, and worked with the R&D department of the french company BINOCLE (3D rigs and softwares) during 4 years as lead stereographer.

Celine Tricart has published a book about 3D storytelling in early 2013, available worldwide, and then moved to Los Angeles. She works now closely with the award-winning company 3ALITY TECHNICA on numerous projects including “Stalingrad” by director F.Bondarchuk and “Transformers 4 : Age of Extinction” by director M.Bay.



Edinburgh 3D Film Festival