Contrast – 4.06 min  -  2013 (Germany)

The meticulous look at the beauty of a summer flower meadow reveals a rapid battle for existence and preservation of the natural balance.

Carmen Büchner Bio

Carmen Büchner is born in 1986 in Cottbus. After the Abitur in 2005 in Weimar she worked for the company VJS in Saarbrücken graduating in 2008 as Media-Art Designer. Starting in 2008 she studied “Animation/VFX” at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg by focusing on visual effects, art direction and matte paintings. During her studies she worked for several clients on different projects. In 2013 she graduated with her thesis film “Contrast”. Today, Carmen Büchner is living in Stuttgart and Weimar.!contrast/ctim



Edinburgh 3D Film Festival