Béatrice Coron’s Daily Battles

Béatrice Coron’s Daily Battles – 6.41min  -  2013 (Canada)

Béatrice Coron’s Daily Battles is an art film about a work of art.
Created in 3D, this short film brings a new dimension to the medieval paper cut masterwork by New York Artist Béatrice Coron. With each scene of struggle, battle and trickery, the canvas allows the viewer to transcend traditional film storytelling and fall into a world where non-linear abstraction is the only way out.

James Stewart Bio

James Stewart is an award-winning director and the founder of Geneva Film Co. in Toronto, Canada. He is a director, storyteller, artist, digital innovator and multi-platform visual designer whose work ranges from mobile to giant screen, and from commercials to stereoscopic 3D museum installations.




Edinburgh 3D Film Festival