7 tonnes 3

7 tonnes 3 – 6.15 min  –  2011 (France)

The amazing superiority of Kenyans athletes.

Nicolas Deveaux Bio

Author and director of animation films (CGI and 3D), Nicolas Deveaux has a very personal universe around two passions: the image and the animal world. In 2003, just graduated from the School of Computer Graphics “Supinfocom”, he directed his first professional short film “7tonnes2″, featuring a realistic elephant trampoline champion. The success of this one (selected in various international festivals, including the famous festival of Annecy in france) allows it to carry out many projects ranging from documentary (“Sea Rex: Imax 3D,” The Lazy Giant “documentary TV), advertising (Kinder, Okay Lotus, Lipton, SuperCroix …), through the films theme park (“City of the Sea” in Biarritz, “EANA” in Normandy …). Already confirmed in a realist style, at the same time he developed graphic and poetic writing inspired graphic prints and lithographs of old always with a view to giving this show the best of nature … from animal to plant.




Edinburgh 3D Film Festival