3D Short Films 2014

Life in 3D is proud to present a selection of stereoscopic 3D shorts from around the world. Beyond the multiplex, there exists a global eco culture of independent 3D filmmakers exploring the creative possibilities of stereoscopic film.

LIVE ACTION SHORTS  - 7th May 2014 – 6pm

From the serene beauty of “Lapse of Time” to the hard hitting POV shock of “Auguries of Innocence” this showcase of live action 3D short films presents a lively slice of independent 3d production.

Cheers Elephant Ryan Suits USA 2012 6.15
Situation Vacant Andrew Murchie UK 2013 7.15
Afterlight James Uren UK 2012 2.57
Lapse of Time Céline Tricart France 2013 15.04
Atmosphere Ikuo Nakamura Japan 2013 5.00
Call her Lotte Michael Geidel Germany 2014 17.20
Auguries of Innocence Thomas Villepoux France 2013 15.59
Soir de Fete Olivici Chantriaux France 2013 18.00

There followed a Q&A with

ANIMATED SHORTS – 8th May 2014 – 6pm


From the stunning Louis Spohr inspired “Virtuos Virtuell” to the high flying comedy antics of “5m80” this showcase of global talent demonstrates the power that stereoscopic 3D retains to inspire, delight and surprise.

Spirits of the Piano  Magdalena OsinskaAgata Gorzadek Poland 2011 3.25
Scarecrow Przemyslaw Anusiewicz, Janusz Martyn Poland 2011 5.42
5 m 80 Nicolas Deveaux France 2012 5.27
7 tonnes 3 Nicolas Deveaux France 2011 2.28
Contrast Carmen Büchner Germany 2013 4.06
Béatrice Coron’s Daily Battles James Stewart Canada 2013 6.41
Virtuoso Virtuell Thomas Stellmach and Maja Oschmann Germany 2013 7.33
Ztring Theory Karl Bryhn and Jo Eldøen Norway 2009 4.55
Foxed James Stewart Canada 2013 4.37
Transformations David Turner USA 2014 5.18
Transmutation Voker Kuchelmeister Australia 2012 2.30
Simple Carnival Jeff Boller USA 2013 3.57
Luigis Pizzaride Florian Werzinski Germany 2012 2.30
Plot-o-mat Florian Werzinski Germany 2013 1.20
Kuku Henrich Žucha Slovakia 2014 9.00

There followed a Q&A with

  • Maciek Samulski, Freelance – Stereographer on Spirits of The Piano
  • Jared Taylor, Edinburgh College of Art – Animation Programme Director


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